January 1-31, 2021


culminating with a live SHOW Jan 30 -31


* Starts with a vision casting meeting for dad, to help him see how important it is for him to play his role by leading his family in consistent Bible time. * Families will learn how to use Actors.Bible, an exciting new App that gives everything needed to role-play and obey scripture to make disciples. * Fathers (at home) will lead their families in a 21 Day Family Meeting Challenge, enacting one scene a day using the ActorsBible App, covering 21 stories that show God s  Redemptive Plan from Genesis to Revelations. * Families come together for four rehearsals Jan. 25-28th 6:00pm-8:30 pm preparing them to present all 21 Scenes (that they enacted at home) for a powerful outreach show January 30th-31st, in our interactive 5-D projection dome.    

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