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For generations past, there was knowledge of right and wrong. Whether it was acknowledged or not, these absolutes were based on biblical truths. It has been disheartening to find that today’s children are growing up in one of the most biblically illiterate generations. These young ones are truly oblivious to the Word of God. The significance of this reality is immense and impacts every facet of children’s development and worldview. Due to the theatrical nature of our mission, ICMovement has essentially been engaging with the Bible as a script for quite some time. The Lord led the directors to begin this process with their own family and then to incorporate these same methods with youth and families served through the ministry. They have witnessed the immediate impact of families discovering, enacting, and knowing God by roleplaying the characters in His story. Participants simply read a portion of scripture, act it out, and think through character analysis questions. These questions lead an exploration of who each character was, what they wanted, including God, and ask; “how did things work out for those who wanted what God wanted” and “how did things work out for those who did not want what God wanted”. This process has served to be effective for all ages from young to old and in both small and large groups. During its outreach to youth over the past ten years, ICMovement has endeavored to guide youth to know the Bible, to know God’s complete story from beginning to end, and to understand their role in God’s story. ICMovement has desired to assist others to utilize similar methods as many have reached out and requested duplication of its programing nationally and internationally. The ACTORSBIBLE is the means by which the ministry will be able to accomplish this goal.

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