Inner-City Movement is raising up 7000 youth artists bowing only to Jesus (Yeshua). 

Rom. 11:4-6


Inner-City Movement located at Theatre 7000 is a Bible-based Theatre that trains youth and their parents in performing and creative arts.  Participants learn the basics of Acting, then apply those skills by reenacting a Bible story using  The semester ends with a professional level presentation of that story in a 360° projection dome with moving seats, wind, scent, mist, bubbles, and flying actors.  By the end of training participants know how to use; a web-based tool that gives everything needed to easily make disciples by enacting the Bible in the home, church, ministry, or mission field.  


ACTORSBIBLE is a powerful app that gives families and groups everything needed to easily enact the Bible. From a script of the whole Bible to music and visuals; Actors Bible is the tool you need to write the Scriptures on the hearts of young and old alike. 


With a smartphone or any device that supports modern web browsers, a player can log in and choose any part of the Bible play. When they do this a lobby is created, other players can join the lobby with a simple link, even without needing to create a login. From there the player that started the lobby, the director, can assign parts or let individuals choose their own characters to play.


When all the players are ready to go the director can hit start and all players devices will be launched into a synchronized teleprompter that will guide them through the scripture. 360 Visuals of the Holy Lands appear as a digital backdrop on all devices. At launch other features include: songs with karaoke, an epic soundtrack, acting instructional videos, suggested props, and character bios!


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Sept. 21, 2021

Come experience God's Redemption Story as told in Bible, in a live action musical stage play.  The cast is made up of the youth, parents and instructors of Inner-City Movement's Family ActorsBible Training


With 360-degree animated environments, aerial performers, moving seats, and 4D effects such as wind, scent, mist, and snow, audiences will feel as if they are right in the middle of the action.  But even better, every Theatre 7000 show features families working together onstage and off to portray the Bible as seen through the eyes of young people.  Children and adults alike will experience the wonder of Scripture, leave inspired to discuss God's truth, and grow emboldened to share the Word of God with others.


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