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Mission: Inner-City Movement is a non-denomination 501c3 nonprofit ministry that exists to offer the gospel of Jesus Christ to individuals by way of arts. We seek to facilitate change by assisting individuals to come to comprehend the truths of the Bible. 

Strategy: After years of working with youth, we have discovered that God has given fathers the responsibility and privilege of taking the lead role in offering the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truths of the Bible to their children. To this end, we have created a resource called ActorsBible to help men disciple their families through role-play.

The ActorsBible App: The entire Bible is retold in one flowing story and ready for dramatic reenactment through a teleprompter script, music with sing-along lyrics, and 360 ̊ visuals of the Holy Lands as beautiful virtual backdrops showing participants the exact locations these accounts took place. At the end of each enactment, participants are asked discovery character questions and asked to make obedience commitments to apply the story to their lives. ActorsBible is loaded with 62 Acts and 806 chronological Scenes and is complete for use with any device that supports modern web browsers. 

Vision: To equip 7000 fathers to consistently lead their families in God’s Word using ActorsBible by the year 2032. We envision fathers mentoring other fathers, who then mentor others, and so on to create a growing movement of men who lead well. Proven fathers will head up regional family gatherings to rehearse and publicly enact scenes from ActorsBible as evangelistic outreaches. 

Impact: Imagine the degree of transformation when fathers not only begin reading the Bible regularly, but also do so with their spouses and children in a manner that engages their childlike curiosity, playfulness and imagination. We anticipate an awakening of fathers embracing their role as the spiritual leaders in their homes and the significant influence this will have in every sphere of life.  The church will become a powerful place for the lost to come into.  Men will grow in relationship with God, living and leading humbly according to His Word, wives will be encouraged and strengthened, and children will be led to become obedient disciples of Jesus. Children and youth will thrive as God’s Word becomes central in their homes. Family bonds will be tightened as together they write God’s Word upon their hearts. 


Fun Family Devotions with ActorsBible!

A creative Bible study to nurture faith through memorable and shared experiences around God’s Word. Make family Bible time a part of your daily routine! 

One Story at a Time, One Day at a Time, Make Disciples!


ActorsBible provides everything needed to make disciples and foster a love for the Word of God. By role-playing the Bible, families, and groups bring the stories in Scripture to life for all ages. Loaded with 62 Acts and 806 chronological Scenes, the entire Bible is retold in one flowing story and ready for dramatic reenactment.


*Teleprompter script of the entire Bible, slow it down, speed it up, or pause it

*AudioDramas and dramatic music with sing-along lyrics

*A wide range of diverse musical genres and sound effects to enhance the listening and enactment experience

*360 degree visuals of the Holy Land as beautiful virtual backdrops showing the exact locations these accounts took place

*Spiritual application questions

*Application of the Bible to daily life

*Completion points and title increases

*Fosters togetherness and incorporates all ages

Actors Bible

March 9, 2024 10am - 4pm

75% of Christian families do not regularly read the Bible together, not even once a week. Because of this, 75% of our kids leave the faith after their first year of college. It's time for parents to understand their spiritual leadership roles assigned by God and get back to the basics of daily Family Devotions.

Come, be inspired for your greatest work; discipiling your family with God's Word. Hear from the experts and be ready to try out proven methods while making them your own. You will leave encouraged and empowered to revolutionize your family devotions!

This event is perfect for the whole family.


Monthly (starting the last week of the month)

An international network equipping and encouraging Dads to lead family devotions with Actors.Bible; an app that helps Dads disciple their families through role-play. 

Starts with:


Hear how you have been casted by God to play the leading role in your family's spiritual formation


Lead your family in devotions using ActorsBible




Prepare yourself for a great PASSOVER and EXODUS!  At an incredible encounter with the living God, Moses is instructed to implore Pharaoh to release the children of Israel from slavery in Egypt. But when met with defiance, only signs and wonders provide their deliverance. With a promise of a homeland for the nation, they set out, but are met with huge obstacles; the Red Sea, and an enraged army en route!  Who will deliver them now? Moses the Musical is presented by families who’ve gone through the Moses account using our ActorsBible App (the entire Bible as a Script for family role-play) for their family devotions. They have come together with other families to present it to your family!  It’s going to be Epic!  (90 min. show)

We encourage you to come dressed as an Egyptian or an Israelite.  Be prepared to participate in the experience! 


With 360-degree animated environments, aerial performers, moving seats, and 4D effects such as wind, scent, mist, and snow, audiences will feel as if they are right in the middle of the action.  But even better, every Theatre 7000 show features families working together onstage and off to portray the Bible as seen through the eyes of young people.  Children and adults alike will experience the wonder of Scripture, leave inspired to discuss God's truth, and grow emboldened to share the Word of God with others.

© 2017-2020 by Inner-City Movement. All Rights Reserved. 

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