What is the Core

Our vision is to raise up 7000 youth artists bowing only to Jesus Christ.- (as indicated in Romans 11)

Our mission is to equip youth in evangelism and peer discipleship through the theater arts.

Our focus is to equip youth to become leaders, living lives focus, integrity, and boldness and to present original evangelistic productions that clearly bring the gospel message to our region. 

Students who graduate from our primary program referred to as The Core, are integral because they return to mentor incoming students, help teach the classes, and help in various facets of the productions, such as creating new scripts, running the sound, and acting to name a few.


The only requirement is that youth ages 4-14 attend a production; productions occur in the months of March, June, September, and November. Their training would then begin the following month after the production. Classes will be held one day a week from 5:00-8:00 pm.  

Under our CLASSES link , we hope to provide you with the information needed for a clear understanding of our program and how to plan appropriately.